Alexandria City, VA Real Estate

The City of Alexandria lies just south of Washington D.C., on the western side of the Potomac. Founded in 1749 with approval from the Virginia House of Burgesses, Alexandria rose to prominence as a busy trading port. The City of Alexandria was originally included in the area chosen by George Washington to become the District of Columbia. In 1846, amidst the growing tensions between the federal government and the southern states, the City of Alexandria was ceded back to the commonwealth of Virginia.

Today, the City of Alexandria has a diverse and growing business community fit to meet the contemporary needs of its residents. It is a place where both the past and the present come alive. The City of Alexandria has been and continues to be an escape for those seeking to find balance between urban and suburban lifestyles.

Those who choose to call the City of Alexandria home have unprecedented access to metro rail and bus services. Numerous stores, boutiques, restaurants and other amenities populate the area. Reagan National Airport is minutes away, and the city’s colonial roots are right beneath your feet.


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