St. Patrick’s Day Parades

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St. Pats Day Parades

Where’s me lucky charms? If you want to be kissed or are looking for a pot of gold this St. Patrick’s Day, try on a few shades of green on March 17 and head to one of the DC Metro Area’s famous annual parades. It is said the Irish know how to party, and St. Patrick’s Day is when the Irish and non-Irish alike join in the fun. Enjoy a fun parade with the family and some green beer or lucky libations with friends – and don’t forget to make a famous Irish toast!

Alexandria’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 7, 9:00 am
The first parade in the DC area, Ballyshaners 34th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be held in Alexandria on Saturday, March 7 and will feature a Car and Dog Show prior to the parade kick-off at 12:30pm on King Street. Classic car enthusiasts and animal lovers are encouraged to come early to enjoy these events.

Maryland’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 14, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
The City of Gaithersburg will host its 15th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Rio Washington Center (I-370 and Washingtonian Boulevard). Spectators will enjoy Celtic dancers, bagpipe bands, clowns, fire trucks, and more. Live entertainment will follow the parade on the Lakefront Plaza until 1:00 pm.

Washington DC’s 44th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 15, 12:00 – 3:00 pm
This mile long, two-hour parade takes place between 7th and 17th Streets down Constitution Ave with marching bands, kilts and bag pipes, floats, military, police, fire departments and more. The grandstands are located between 15th and 16th streets next to the judges reviewing stand and are a great way to watch the parade for only $15 per ticket.

Enjoy the festivities this St. Patrick’s Day!


Property Alert

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Property Alerts Large

Alert! Your dream home has hit the market. Taking the time to search and look for a property can be exhausting, especially when you feel you are looking at the same inventory every day. In order to serve you better, McEnearney Associates offers Property Alerts. Now you can be the first to know when your dream home hits the local market.

Property Alerts allow you to completely customize and automate the search process. In a quick and easy setup process, you can filter alerts to find homes that fit specific criteria, including price, location, schools, and more. Being notified of price changes and the ability to share properties with your REALTOR, family and friends are also added tools. Not to mention, did you know that our Property Alerts feature ALL listings currently on the local market? Our search is not limited to homes listed by McEnearney. Our search engine has new listings appear nearly every hour.

Simplify the buying or selling process by signing up for Property Alerts today! Let us do the work for you, and pretty soon you will find a place to call your dream home.


Good Things Come In Small… Houses?

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Small Living

Don’t let home costs scare you. So maybe you can no longer afford that two-car garage, large yard, and need to downsize. The price tag may be high on owning property in Washington, DC, but there are plenty of positives to this city, including museums, great culture, excellent schools, decent climate, and job opportunities to name a few. We can tell you the DC Metro Area is great to live in and so can small space living! Here’s a few tips to help you downsize and break the rules of traditional small space decorating.

Go Big! – People tend to think that only small furniture will work in tight living quarters. However, this can make your home appear even smaller. Instead, get a few full-sized furnishings to fill the space, and it will actually appear larger.

Lighting is Everything – When you want to add light to your small space, keep two things top of mind: choose lights with different styles and purchase light fixtures that illuminate in different directions. This design technique will help divide the room naturally, so it looks spacious.

Bathroom Oasis – An area feared most in small space living is the bathroom. If you are working with tight quarters, add a floating vanity or wall-mounted faucet to drastically free up space. Another easy-to-do trick is to invest in open shelving and extend your counter space over the toilet.

Paint Bigger – The ceiling is the forgotten fifth wall in our homes, and choosing the right paint can make a big difference in your space. It is recommended that you choose lighter shades to expand the room and keep a similar contrasting color on the ceiling to create an open and airy feeling.

Eat-In Kitchen – When was the last time you ate at the kitchen table? We usually eat at the counter or in front of the television. A better use of space would be to get rid of the kitchen table, and build an eat-in counter. This is a great way to conserve space and entertain.

Sue Goodhart

Holy Smoke!

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Chimney caps, flashing and mortar can all be damaged or deteriorate over time. Be sure to get an inspection.

Chimneys in our area have suffered quite a bit of damage in the past few years. The exteriors have been assaulted by the earthquake and long, tough winters. The earthquake in 2011 caused quite a bit of damage that is still being uncovered.

The harsh weather in recent years has also taken a toll. Chimney caps, which keep the animals and other debris from getting into the chimney, have been blown off or damaged. Flashing, which is placed around the chimney to prevent water from getting in between the chimney and the roof to prevent leaks can be damaged by the heavy snows and rains. Mortar, the substance that holds the bricks together, deteriorates over time.  Inside the chimney there can be missing tiles as well as a build-up of creosote.

Bottom line, if you have not had your chimney checked out in the past few years you may want to have a thorough inspection by a reputable licensed chimney sweep.

The good news/bad news is that they now have cameras that can see the interior of the chimneys. That means they can be quite thorough but they also can uncover defects that were previously undetected and the cost to repair can be quite steep.

My advice is to have someone inspect. If the cost seems high, then get a second and third opinion. Then, schedule the work as needed.

The exterior work would be prudent to tackle immediately. You may wish to push extensive interior work to the summer when prices may be lower. If you are selling your home anytime in the near future you will want to have the inspection now so there are no surprises on the home inspection.

Because of the cameras, we are finding that more and more buyers are asking for the extensive work on the chimneys to be completed by sellers.

Should you have any questions or need advice please don’t hesitate to contact Sue or Allison Goodhart at or

- See more at:


Winter Green

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Winter Green

The grass may be brown and your trees bare, but you can still enjoy some winter green. There are many benefits to adding indoor plants to your home. Many of which you probably never even thought about until now. Take, for instance, oxygen. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so it works hand in hand because we take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Increase your levels of breathable, fresh air while decreasing the toxins you can’t see.

Let’s not forget those pesky colds we tend to catch each winter, too. Cold-related illnesses are reduced 30% when adding a plant to your home. This is because they increase the humidity levels as well as decrease dust.

And if you wish to reduce stress, fatigue, or improve your overall health, then place an 8-inch pot in your home where you can see it. Who doesn’t want purified air, right? In order to achieve this benefit, you will need about 15-18 plants in a 1,800 sq. foot home and to increase accordingly.

Happiness is another benefit of plants. Although the snow is beautiful, it’s nice to see the vibrancy of a living green plant. Pull out your green thumbs and give life to your home and your body!


Stage Like A Pro

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Stage Pro

Good for any homeowner, staging can minimize a flaw, expand your space, or highlight the focal point of a room. Have you ever wanted your home to look like the pages of a magazine? Take some of the following tips into consideration and before you know it, you will be staging like a pro!

Group your colors. Pick a color or two from the room and then search the house for similar colored items. You can add some accent pieces of contrasting color and height, but our eyes see color first, so color grouping an assembly of items on a table top is the easiest way to make a room feel complete. Try to keep your decor limited to three colors per room.

Keep larger items lower. If you’re staging shelves, be sure to keep small decor items on the top and larger items lower. Stylists often use a stack of large books or oversized baskets, which are ideal to add storage and help declutter. Throw pillows or folded throws are also visually pleasing for shelves nearest the floor.

Take one away. See four things, take one away. The rule of thumb when styling is to always keep decor to a minimum, and odd quantities are always more visually appealing. You can also see a drastic change when moving countertop appliances to the pantry or cabinets. Constantly taking away objects is an easy way to keep your home looking more like a magazine.

Mix throw pillows. Add throw pillows into your design mix. A variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and textures can add warmth, color and dimension to sofas and chairs. This is also the perfect way to add a pop of color to any room or personality and life to neutral tones.

Use white towels. You will be amazed how simply you can turn any bathroom into a luxurious spa escape with a fresh, new stack of fluffy white towels.

Add decorative trays. Designers love to use trays to arrange loose items or stage a scene. Trays are also a great way to declutter bathroom counter space. Easily create design by collecting bathroom necessities, such as lotions, perfumes and tissues, and display them together on a decorative tray.


Happy Valentine’s Day

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Home Heart

Home is where the heart is. This romantic holiday is a time to show love to others and to appreciate those that show love to you. Your true home is the place you love the most. Our homes are special and so are the lives we share within their four walls. So here’s a proposal: why not show your home some love this Valentine’s Day?

This month, spend some more time indoors from the cold and enjoy the comforts of your home. Pick up a new little item for each room in your home. Maybe it’s that neat soap dispenser that you have been passing up because it’s a few more dollars than what you would normally spend. Grab a new candle or throw for the living room and some fresh flowers for the kitchen – just a few small heartwarming touches to renew and appreciate every space in your home this holiday.

In turn, we hope you know how much we love having you as clients. We think serving you and helping to build our communities is the sweetest thing. And we are thankful that Home Sweet Home is something our clients can all so proudly say.

We hope home is where your heart is.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
McEnearney Associates


February Community Fun

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Being a part of a community can give you a sense of pride. Just as George Washington encouraged us to love our country, it is equally important to love your community. February is full of celebrations and reasons to enjoy community fun! From Valentine’s Day to Fat Tuesday and even George Washington’s Birthday, this month proves you can have fun in the winter, too. Be sure to check out these fun events happening near you.

Washington’s 283rd Birthday
February 14, 5:30 – 11:00 pm
This Valentine’s Day you can party like its 1799! In the re-enactment of George Washington’s Birthday, Gadsby’s Tavern hosts an 18th century banquet, including special English dancing, dessert collation and character actors; not to mention a special appearance from General and Mrs. George Washington. Tickets vary from $125-$250 – all which depend on how you wish to dine that evening.

Cupid’s Run
February 15, 2:00 pm Race Start
This is the month of love, and there is no better way to show it than to race for a cause in support of the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Put on your red, pink, or heart undies and brace yourself for the 1.75 mile lap around the Capitol Building. Even though you may think you’ll be cold running in your undies, this event will surely warm your heart.

Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Parade
February 17, 7:00 pm
Who says you have to be in New Orleans to celebrate Fat Tuesday? Make your way over to Clarendon to see the largest celebration of Fat Tuesday in Washington, DC. The parade takes place in Arlington along Wilson Boulevard From N. Barton Street to N. Danville Street. This is a family-friendly event, and it’s big fun.

DC Fashion Week
February 18 – 22
Fashion forward >> Get the latest looks for the upcoming season and experience influential design. World culture and couture inspires American fashion, and it can be seen at the International Couture Collections Show at the Historical Society of Washington this February. Emerging designers and indie artists will also be showcased at the Washington Post Conference Center. Be the first to know fashion before it hits the streets.

Capital Remodel + Garden Show 2015
February 27-March 1
Good design always stays in style. The 2015 Capital Remodel + Garden Show will be held at the Dulles Expo Center later this month and present celebrity experts and products in home remodeling, renovation, decor and landscaping. Celebrity guest appearances include Jeff Devlin of DIY Network’s I Hate My Bath and Chris Lambton of HGTV’s Yard Crashers. Be sure to bring your renovation and remodeling ideas. This is the best place to find fresh ideas and smart advice for remodeling, home improvement and design.


Results Matter

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Results Matter 2014

In 2014, McEnearney Associates sold its properties marketed for a higher percentage of original listed price and in less time than the competition. (By the way, we started tracking this performance in 1999, and we have topped these categories every year.) Our team sold its listings at an average sales price 35% higher and 17% faster than the market average.

We looked at the results of the thirteen largest real estate companies in the Metropolitan Washington area as measured by the number of listings settled. These companies encompass a wide variety of business models and an equally wide variety of company sizes. This includes the two largest independent real estate companies in the United States and the local arms of the largest real estate company in the world. We know it isn’t the number of agents or the number of offices in a company that matter. It’s the quality of the agents and the company and their ability to deliver results for the client that matter.

Market conditions have varied widely in the sixteen years we have been tracking these numbers, from balanced markets to sellers’ markets to the current transitioning market. And we have adapted to these changing conditions, outperforming the competition regardless of market conditions. Our carefully assembled team of the most productive Sales Associates in the Washington Metro Area makes all the difference for our clients.

At McEnearney Associates, we take great pride in our local real-market knowledge.


Celebrating 35 Years!

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Thank You

35 Years Together
In today’s world, there are not many family owned and operated real estate companies who can say they have been in business for 35 years. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of our growing company and to celebrate our 35th anniversary serving Greater Washington, DC.

The words of encouragement and support we receive, on an almost daily basis, are a true testament to our excellence in service and those who make up the face of McEnearney Associates. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our hardworking, dedicated REALTORS and staff, and our loyal and happy clients, like you. Nearly 70% of our business comes from satisfied clients who send referrals. And it is our dedication to you and the future of our communities that we continue to provide excellence in knowledge of our local market, a guiding hand and stress-free experience when buying and selling real estate, and most importantly results that are Built Around You.

Our success comes from a commitment to service and to making our clients feel at home. We have always fostered that spirit by making everyone feel as though they are part of the McEnearney family. Thank you for your continued support and trust in our family.

Maureen McEnearney Dunn
President, McEnearney Associates

“The company was very committed to not only selling our house
but going the extra distance to get the best price!”

“Very professional and helped make the transaction go smoothly.”

“Great! McEnearney was definitely the right ’fit’ for us.
We liked the approach and professionalism of the company.”

“Professional, courteous and always there for us.”

“McEnearney does a great job supporting client transitions, from rental to purchase.
Makes good business decisions and upholds commitments.”

“It was outstanding from beginning to end.”