What are those funny looking square black-and-white images I’m starting to see in magazines and postcards?

by David Howell on July 13, 2011

You’re probably seeing “QR” codes, short for “Quick Response.” They’re not all that different that the UPC codes you see on any and everything you purchase in the grocery store – they are two dimensional patterns that can be read by a scanner. But unlike the UPC code on a candy bar that provides price and inventory control, a QR code typically creates a link to a specific address on the Internet – a unique URL. There are over 53 million smart phones in the United States, and with a downloaded QR reader the user can take a picture of or scan a QR code and be taken to a website. For real estate, a QR code on a yard sign, in a newspaper or on a brochure or postcard can take a consumer to a website with full details about a property. That saves the user looking for information a lot of time, effort and a phone call and it creates great exposure for the property and the agent.

If you have a smart phone and want to give it a try, just visit the application store for your particular phone and download a QR reader. It’s a snap.

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Before joining McEnearney Associates in 1996, David was the owner and Principal Broker of his own real estate company for 12 years. David was the Managing Broker of our McLean office from 1996 - 2010, and was named our Chief Information Officer in September, 2010. In that role, he is responsible for the firm' technology, market information and public relations, and is the author of our MarketWatch newsletter. He is also Principal Broker for McEnearney Associates in Maryland, and is an Associate Broker in Virginia and Washington, DC.

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