Energy Saving Tips for Winter

by McEnearney on December 16, 2013

Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Are you saying “Bah, humbug” to rising energy costs this season? Here are a few ways you can save energy and money!

Install a Setback Thermostat – To save about 20-30% on your cooling & heating bill per year you can install a setback thermostat to control the temperature in your home for any given time. With smart phone technology, you can even control some thermostats when you are out of the house.

Repair a Run-on Toilet – A toilet that runs continuously wastes water and costs you money. It is usually caused by a malfunctioning float which is easy to fix and can save you hundreds of gallons of water a week.

Fill the Cracks in Your Home – Heat or cool air is always lost through cracks in your home even when you cannot see the holes. Walk around the exterior of your home and look for gaps and openings that could be caulked.

Water Heater Temperatures – 120 degrees is an acceptable lower water temperature that should still provide ample hot water for most homes.

Fluorescent Lighting – Yes compact fluorescent bulbs are more expensive to use but last longer than incandescent bulbs, 9-13 times longer for a 60-85% savings.

Replace Filters – Furnace filters should be changed every month and air conditioner filters replaced during high-use periods as well. Even the compression coils behind your refrigerator need to be brushed off with a soft bristled brush once in a while.

Shower Flow Restrictors – Replace your showerhead with a low-flow restrictor which reduces the flow of water spray while still giving you an adequate shower. Water heating is about 20% of the total energy waste in your home so lowering the hot water usage will save you money.


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