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by McEnearney on July 13, 2015


We love our furry little friends! But we don’t love it when our guests smell them. If you’re a proud pet parent, just know it’s easy to become immune to the distinctive smells they create. To your guest’s nose, it won’t take much to alert them that an animal lives there, too. Just keep in mind these simple tips to keep you and your four-legged friends out of the dog house.

Are You Kitten Me? – They all smell different, it’s true. Read up on your animal to find out why they smell, how they get to that point, and what you need to do to ensure proper care. For example, when it comes to cats, their diet can directly affect the way they smell. You know the saying, “You are what you eat.” It certainly applies to our pets, too.

Want a Clue Tip – When was the last time you saw your pet using a Q-tip to clean their ears? That’s what I thought – never. They rely on us to get those hard to reach spots. Next time you give them a good petting, inspect those ears to make sure they are squeaky clean.

Big Mutts – A clean pet is a happy pet, and it doesn’t always have to be a trip to the groomer. Give your pet a weekly bath using a vet-approved or gentle baby shampoo. If you have a big dog with lots of hair, take them outside and bathe them with a hose. And here’s a tip – stand in front and wash the face last. This will help you stay dry when they shake that big mutt!

Purr-ify – Keep your home smelling fresh and clean with air purifiers. We don’t always have time to vacuum and sweep, and an air purifier can help remove airborne pet hair and dander in between home cleanings. Just remember to clean the filter often to keep it smelling purr-fect.

Pawsitively Clean – A pet’s bedding is like human bedding, it needs to be washed; otherwise, it stinks and gets dirty. This should be done as often as you wash your own sheets. Also sanitize your pet’s bowls with the same mindset. You wouldn’t eat off a dirty plate, so why make your pet?

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