The Importance of Protecting Your Gutters This Winter

by McEnearney on November 12, 2015

Rain gutter full of autumn leaves

Gutters serve two main purposes: to make sure water does not gather on your roof and to make sure water is diverted away from your house correctly. Effective gutter protection is a key component in the maintenance of your foundation, walls, and roof.

Gutter cleaning can be dangerous and hiring a professional to clean your gutters can become a costly investment. An average home spends $75 to $225 for each gutter cleaning. Gutter guards are not only an alternative to gutter cleaning, but a permanent solution to clogged gutters.

LeafFilter, America’s No. 1 rated gutter protection system installs on your existing gutters without disturbing your roof or shingles and will never clog. LeafFilter puts an end to gutter cleaning and climbing up ladders so you can enjoy the peace of mind of putting an end to gutter maintenance. How much damage can clogged gutters and unreliable gutter protection really cause though? Without proper gutter protection, your gutters are susceptible to clogs from leaves, pine needles, shingle grit, insects and seed pods, just to name a few. Additionally, gutter leaks and cracks often happen in the winter time. Standing water in your gutters increase the likelihood of leaks and cracks. In the winter if the standing water freezes it an cause ice damming.

Ice damming is just the beginning of potential problems you may face without reliable gutter protection. Soffit and fascia are the closest part of your home to your gutters and when gutters become clogged, water will collect in them. The accumulated water will eat away at your fascia and soffit, causing them to eventually fall.

Another costly problem you may have to deal with is roofing damage. Clogged or backed-up gutters filled with debris and standing water will eventually cause your roof to leak and rust costing you an entire new roof.

When water isn’t properly diverted away from your home you are at risk for a flooded basement, foundation damage, a heaving driveway and landscape erosion. A gutter system is in place to control the flow of water away from your home, without gutter protection, you are putting your home at a costly risk.

The last thing you want to deal with in the winter is exterior home problems. No one wants to be outside in the cold weather fixing issues with their home when they could be inside with their family by the fire. It is always important to protect your gutters, but especially in the winter. Installing reliable gutter protection will keep you indoors and off dangerous ladders.

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