5 Latest Wall Paint Trends to Follow This Year!

by Julie Austin on January 20, 2017

When it comes to painting the home either from the scratch or just a retouch; chances are that you might end up falling short on your budget if you don’t follow the latest trends and also don’t plan it all out in time. Often we tend to confuse ourselves while deciding up for painting the home because we aren’t sure how and what should be our first step. The end results could be drastic and the home/office starts to look messier than ever.

So, how you should go about painting the wall this year of your home or your office? Check out these 5 wall paint trends that you should follow in this year for better results.

1. Abstract

This just never goes out of fashion. Since abstract art is a vast term and it covers almost everything ranging from wall hangings to decorative items, paintings and what not.


Therefore, if you are into wall paints; make sure that you get your hands on the latest designs in abstract art or you can paint the walls in multi colors on light and dark shades. This would definitely give your room/home a perfect and unique look.

2. Contemporary:

Yet another unconventional trend in wall paint is contemporary style. What does this actually imply? If you want to go for contemporary wall paint designs; you got to choose between different shades of color patterns very carefully.


There are chances that you might end up messing up the walls as well as your finances if you tend to follow the old trends of contemporary wall paints. These days, chic styles are in demand and you should opt for one too.

3. Head Boards:

One of the most popular trends we have seen in 2017 in terms of home décor is to arrange for decorated headboards in the bedroom mainly just above the bedside wall.


Normally; you can hang family portraits or just some favorite artwork of yours on a headboard which can be placed on any wall in your room. Still confused about if this will work? It surely will as this is what is recommended by home décor experts too for this year.

4. Green Color:

Want to make your room look more fresh and bright? Use more green color in your room. And what better to use any shade of green than getting the walls painted with it.

Since your bedroom is a place where you will be spending some relaxed time with your loved ones or with yourself; it is always recommended that you paint at least one wall of your bedroom with any shade of green be it olive green, sea green or light green to give it a more chic look.

5. Color & Contrast:

Let’s get chic with the idea of multi-colored contrasting patterns. You can match the wall paints with the colored down comforters, furniture, the curtains or the pillows and cushion sets.


Often we speculate over the fact that the wall paints have to be just any color of white and not any other shade. Let’s end this trend now. Get bold and experiment with any kind of colors that you want so you can explore a whole new world of wall paints.


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