No-Cost Gardening Tools

by McEnearney on May 10, 2017


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If you think gardening tools are too expensive, check out these solutions. Everyday items you already have in your home can be repurposed into gardening tools. Check out which items might be lying around your home than get out and dig in the dirt.

Milk Jug

There are two ways to use an old milk jug. It makes a great mini greenhouse or a scoop for fertilizer. When the forecast calls for unusually low temperatures, cut the bottom of the milk jug, and place it over the plant to protect from potential damage. Turn a jug into a scoop by making two horizontal cuts on the sides, adjacent to the handle and you have a sturdy scoop for seeds or fertilizer.

Vinyl Tablecloths

If you have an old tablecloth lying around and don’t mind it getting dirty, use it like a tarp to transport mulch. It can be an easier way to move ground-level materials and hold more than a wheelbarrow.

Yogurt Containers

All those Greek yogurt containers serve more than just a healthy diet. Like the milk jug, these containers can be used as a scoop for fertilizer, and if your yogurt container is at least 3 inches deep, you have a free flower pot.

Dish Pans

Is it about time to toss your old cake pan? Well, don’t throw it away just yet, as this is the perfect tool for moving potting soil. Rather than lugging around a huge bag, fill the pan with soil and shake it as you work your way through the garden.

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