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Cool weather has finally made its way to Washington D.C. and we are fully embracing the cozy rituals through the home. Having a home that is inviting during these cooler months makes for both an enjoyable and memorable place. Regardless of the season, every home can benefit from adding a little warm comfort. Take the time to look through our tips for your coziest fall and winter yet!


Light a Fire

Have a fireplace or woodstove? Now is the time to take it out of retirement. Slippers to warm your toes and a mug of something hot to drink are must-haves. Grab the family and play a new board-game by fire light. Time for dinner and no fireplace in the dining room? Move your dining table into the living room for the evening and enjoy a home-cooked meal.


Gather in the Kitchen

If you have a drafty home that has its challenges in warming up go ahead and turn to your oven. Gather the family and flip through an old recipe book. Try making pie or bread from scratch! Your kitchen will get nice and warm and your home will be filled with warm inviting smells.


Layer on your Décor

Make your main room the most inviting of all by layering on décor. Add mixed texture rugs, different chairs, contrasting styles of furniture, and some mixed throw pillows to create your own inviting nest. Curl up with a book in the afternoon or have friends over to sip warm beverages and anticipate the arrival of winter.


Throw in some extra pillows and warm blankets

Pull out every faux-fur blanket, sheepskin and other warm throws you’ve got and bring them all to the living room. Grab all the pillows from the linen closet and find or make new contrasting shams and covers. Pillows and blankets always have a calming, “cozy-up” effect on guests.


Consider a Leather Accent Piece

Even if you prefer a minimalist style, one leather accent piece can really warm up the room. A brown leather chair mixed with a cool tone blanket or faux-fur will be the most desired seat in the house. Just the thought of spending a lazy Sunday afternoon curled up with a great book and hot cocoa is the epitome of cold weather coziness.


Use Texture Where You Can

When we think of the warmest spaces in a home, we think of texture. Texture spans far beyond blankets and pillows. Blend wood with leather, bring in woven wall macramé décor, find a textured rug or pick out new window shades. Texture creates a stimulating environment and a textured room will be the space that guests will always enjoy being in.



Warm Metal Fixtures

Metal accents are the talk of the season and have an excellent warming effect on your home. The look of copper, bronze, brass or rose gold can instantly warm up a cold room. If your home needs something warm, try adding some copper light fixture or antique copper pot elements in your kitchen.



Bring Nature Indoors

The look of real wood in the home immediately looks inviting. Having a texture in the home that you actually want to touch is a great way to add something special that will draw a crowd. Wood floors are the most common and noticeable way to bring this element inside but do not forget about wood trims, wooden beams, or even a wood plank accent wall.



Embrace a Bold Wallpaper Pattern

Patterns can give a room more depth and dimension, and wallpaper is the number one way to bring a pattern into a space. Eyes will be drawn to a wall treatment, especially in your dining room. Patterned wallpaper envelopes you and makes you feel like you’re sitting in a very special place. It is even more special and inviting with great company.



Take That Cat Nap

It’s natural to want to rest more when winter arrives. And even if you don’t think you’ll actually fall asleep, snuggling up under the covers with a hot-water bottle and a good read can be a rewarding way to spend an afternoon. Still looking for a little more warmth? Grab some new candles and really immerse yourself in a comfortable state of mind.

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