Discussing Downsizing During the Holiday

by Peter Crouch on December 21, 2017

elderly father with his smiling son spending Christmas holiday together

Holiday Gatherings are for Family Discussions

The Holidays are when Family gets together and share where they are in life.  The Kids talk about the new job, moving out of the apartment to a new house, or the grandkids.  Parents & Partners talk about the house seeming “empty,” and whether or not it is smart to stay put.  Grandparents talk about whether their changing needs can still be accommodated in their long-time home.

Life happens, and housing needs change.  Sometimes we do not always see it, but Holidays can bring it to the forefront.  

Often, younger generations are the ones who see just how big their parents’ old house has become. They see how much time it takes to maintain, how much is unused, and the toll it takes preserving the memories.  “Kids” – why not tell your parents it is “ok” to move to a smaller house.  It is ok to get rid of some of the great-grandparent’s things they have been storing to pass to future generations.  (Kids don’t want them anyway!)  It is ok to re-focus on activities the Parents want to do for their next act.  

Kids and Parents/Partners often are the ones to see how Grandparents’ needs have changed.  Same process.  It is ok for the Grandparents to not want stairs anymore.  It is ok to not want any maintenance whatsoever – or having to cook.  It is ok to explore some of the options that make the roof over your head easier.  

The point is, the four walls around us can hold us back.  Plus, changing a house does not necessarily uproot a lifetime.  You can easily stay in the Community where your family, friends, doctors, shopping, and favorite activities already are.  Sometimes it just takes discussion and encouragement – it can open the door to positive change.

We are fortunate that our region has many, many housing options for all ages.  From single family homes, to townhouses, to condos and assisted living.  So, kick it around with Family this Holiday. They will love the discussion!  

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