Things to Do and Great Gifts to Celebrate Father’s Day

by McEnearney on May 31, 2019

Father’s Day marks an important time each year to give thanks to the fathers in our lives and around us, and all that they do for their families. We collectively and individually celebrate all the good influence they exert from day to day, as well as thank them for the sacrifices they make for those they love. Some people mark the occasion with cards for their fathers or making something special for dinner. Gifts are often given to fathers, and people do their best to make the day special for dad. Be unique in your gift selection and branch out in your creativity this year for a gift that’s truly special. Or if experiences are a gift he’d appreciate, there are plenty of events to check out that weekend, so plan accordingly!


Things to do with Dad:

Washington D.C USA - 4 July 2017: The fans walking into an early morning baseball game betweens the Natiionals and the Mets on the fourth of July 2017




For the Dad that Enjoys a good Drink:

Flight Holder
Photo courtesy of LEGACY – a Picnic Time brand, via Amazon




For the Dad Who Cooks and Grills:

Diverse people enjoying barbecue party together


  • Himalayan Sea Salt Plank – Sear food and season at the same time with this slab of salt. Dad doesn’t have to be at the grill to cook.
  • Leather Grill Apron – Grilling is still the summer classic, and leather makes the perfect grilling apron.
  • Where Chefs Eat – Move a step beyond getting your waiter’s recommendation and eat where Dad’s favorite chefs eat.
  • Kabob Grill Basket – Keeping kabobs neatly in place can be a challenge. Help Dad keep those onions and green peppers in line.
  • If he’s missing the basics or the set he has is showing some wear, you can’t go wrong with a quality starter tool kit.



For the Tech-Minded Dad:

Photo courtesy of Digital Trends




For the Dad Who Loves the Outdoors:

The boy with his father sitting near the fire and keep a compass and a map, dad teaches son how to use a map and compass, man and child made a camping and sitting by the fire.


  • Herschel “Little America” Backpack – For the Dad who loves finds a retreat in being outside, this backpack will carry all he needs.
  • The Seventy2 Survival Pack – For those long trips or camping or to have around just in case, this 72-hour survival system is a must for camping or outdoorsman Dads.
  • Tentsile Tree Tents – What better way to rest and retreat on a long camping trip or while hiking? These tents suspend between trees to provide all the comfort of a hammock.
  • Katadyn Base Camp Water Filtration System – Gravity pulls water through this filtration system removing harmful bacteria. Easy for Dad to carry and use wherever he pitches his tent.
  • Get him some REI outdoor kitchen camp gear for him to test out on your next weekend retreat together.



For Every Dad:

Father's day greeting card mug present craft box on wooden table blur background.Holiday present concept blue color with tag for message.Birthday male masculine gift.


  • If he’s always looking for his next cup of Joe, up his game with a Coffee Snob Gift Box.
  • The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide: How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures, help keep Dad at the top of his game.
  • Every father loves a good pair of slippers – Check out L.L. Bean’s styles that are as unique as him.
  • Help dad keep up with the latest fashion trends with a new accessory like a belt or tie. Cufflinks are a great dad gift whether you’re looking for something personal, quirky, or classic.
  • Craftsman beard oil & beer soap – Because every Dad should feel fresh and clean.
  • Every Dad is an icon in his way, but could maybe find a little inspiration useful. Icons of Men’s Style by Josh Sims does just that.
  • Gad&get Cassette Multi-tool The Cassette is a multi-functional tool made of pure carbon fiber. Strong, compact and ultra light, Cassette is the best multi-tool to keep Dad ready for anything.
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