Meet Brett West

Meet Brett West, Licensed in DC/VA/MD.


Where do you go to get away?

My #1 favorite getaway is my home. If I'm traveling though, my favorite place on earth is Barcelona, where even the simplest of things is celebrated with artful expression - the food, the people, every apartment doorway, the sidewalks."

What/Who inspires you?

“I am inspired by the sport of gymnastics. These people hurl their bodies through the air, twisting and flipping and then land on their feet with aplomb like it was nothing. I tried to be one - retiring at the age of 44 - and loved the skill of flight, but I was best suited as a coach."

What sets you apart from other REALTORS®?

I'm a consumer of real estate, so I know what it's like to feel success and I know what it's like to feel failure. My entire mission as a Realtor is motivated by the fear of failure. Thus I set out each day with every transaction to find a variety of ways to manage my clients - and all parties in each transaction - to assure success."

Who in the world would you help buy a house and why?

“During the Obama Inaugural in 2008, I had the honor of meeting singer Thelma Houston, who's music I've been crazy for since first hearing her in 1977. I was representing another performer for the Inaugural Ball, and their sound check coincided. It was freezing cold in the ballroom, and I offered her my tux jacket to keep warm. We talked and talked and talked. If the incomparable Ms. Houston were moving to DC, I'd keep her warm and we'd sing the whole time finding the right place to call home."