Meet The BBZ Group

Meet the Burke-Boguess-Zimmerman Group (BBZ Group)

Members include Clay Burke, Vici Boguess, Sissy Zimmerman

Where do you go to get away?

Sissy: Definitely Watch Hill, RI where I have enjoyed summers for more than 30 years...still love swimming in that Ocean! "
Clay: That's hard to say. I love to travel all over but one place that I consistently travel to is Provincetown, MA. It is my happy place. I've been going every summer since I was in college at Boston University. There is something so special about the quaint village at the end of the earth, the tight knit artist community, beautiful beaches and last but not least, excellent restaurants! I love it."
Vici: While I love to travel, my favorite getaway is in the garden or in my Monday afternoon painting class. I love both!"

What/Who inspires you?

Sissy: My 90 plus year old parents who both passed away last year. Also, my large and incredibly close family and lastly all my wonderful friends that complete my life."
Vici: Amazing people I see in my everyday life. From all walks of life and professions; they all have a story. I am regularly inspired by the hard work, pride, compassion and kindness of the people around me."
Clay: My mother. I am fortunate that she also happens to be my business partner (Vici). Her commitment to excellence is inspiring and has shaped the way we have grown our business -- clients first."

What sets you apart from other REALTORS®?

Vici: I think we are great listeners, creative thinkers, energetic and patient. While we have many years of experience, we are always aware that each client and transaction is unique. Preparation, is part of our secret formula."
Clay: When clients work with us they have the benefit of 70+ years combined experience in this industry-- something which definitely sets us apart. But I think something else that is equally beneficial that we offer is three unique perspectives. Three sets of eyes. Three points of view. Real estate doesn't happen in a vacuum. The variables are infinite for any transaction. With three seasoned agents a client is able to receive information and analysis that is more complex and multi-faceted. This allows them to make more informed decisions, something which yields better outcomes."

What are the five things that you cannot live without?

Vici: Family and friends...and a sense of humor are high on my list. I love the companionship of my dog and the beauty of nature around me."
Sissy: Humor, Family, Friends, Travel, Animals"
Clay: Art, Family & Friends, Good Food, Music!"