Meet Wendy Santantonio

Meet Wendy Santantonio, Licensed Realtor in VA and DC.


Where do you go to get away?

I love to visit small historic towns with interesting architecture, engaging culture, and local cuisine. From local getaways like St. Michael's, Maryland, or a distant destination like Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany, there's just something I love and find incredibly relaxing about strolling streets steeped in history. I really enjoy thinking about all the people that walked those same steps in the centuries before, and imagining what it must have been like to live in the charming homes built long before I was born. It's no wonder I love living in historic Old Town Alexandria."

What/Who inspires you?

“Strangely enough, renovations large and small inspire me. More specifically, people that are taking on renovations of their home and are trying to make it look and function perfectly for their needs. This can be something I've seen firsthand, or projects and photos I discover online, i.e. Instagram. Whether we're talking home decor, kitchen and bath design, or even landscaping or lighting, I love to see people excited about their home and with a desire to transform it into their vision. Their excitement and drive fans the flame of what's a true passion of mine, and I love to help people by providing whatever advice or guidance I am able to provide. More often than not, working with people on a renovation, or seeing the outcome of a beautifully completed project provides me with inspiration to kick off my own project or finish up something that I've been working on."

What sets you apart from other REALTORS®?

I have a keen sense for what people need in a home, an ability to see a given home's potential (no matter how rough or vanilla), and I've found that my personal experience renovating homes of my own (and writing about it on my blog,, as well as my past experience helping people create their dream space, is something my clients find invaluable. Given the extensive renovations my husband and I have tackled with our own two hands, I have firsthand understanding when it comes to the time, effort, and level of expertise needed to transform a space. My approach is to help clients envision how a space can be used, but also help them understand what it might take to realize those dreams."

Who in the world would you help buy a house and why?

“I once read an article that SNL alumna and sitcom TV star Casey Wilson, who is an Alexandria native, has a dream of one day returning to town and opening a shop on King Street. Ever since I read that I've always felt it would be wonderful to help her find the perfect home to complement that dream. Working with anyone that has a true appreciation for how special our area is always a treat."

What are the five things that you cannot live without?

I'm on top of my game when I have a good night's sleep, the unwavering support of my husband, family, and friends, clients that I love to work with, my iPhone with a fully charged battery, and my emergency portable tool kit for making any on-the-go repairs."