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Moving Checklist for Buyers

Moving Checklist for Buyers

Just found out your moving date? Whether it is two weeks or two months from now, here is a helpful checklist to keep you on track for the big day.

Printable Checklist


Moving Checklist

  1. Select Moving Company

    • Get estimates from moving companies
    • Select mover and confirm date of move
  2. Address Change

    • Post Office - give forwarding address
    • Credit Card, Charge Accounts
    • Licenses
    • Friends and Relatives
    • Subscriptions
  3. Bank

    • Transfer Funds
    • Arrange accounts in new location
    • Arrange credit references
    • Transfer safe deposit box
  4. Insurance

    • Notify companies of change
  5. Utility Companies (see our comprehensive list of utilities)

    • Recover any deposits from your current accounts
    • Order service for gas, electricity, water, phone, fuel garbage and sewer, as needed
    • TV, Internet, Cable
  6. Delivery Services

    • Laundry, newspaper, etc.
  7. Medical, Dental, Prescriptions

    • Obtain complete records from current providers
    • Establish new relationships
  8. Schools

    • Transfer records/transcripts
    • Register at new school(s)
  9. Pets

    • Obtain current records - vaccinations, rabies, spay/neuter certificates
    • Get new licenses and tags
  10. Don't Forget To:

    • Empty freezer, plan use of food
    • Defrost freezer, clean refrigerator
    • Have appliances serviced for moving
    • Clean rugs or clothing before moving
    • Plan for special care for pets, plants
    • Check with moving counselor re: insurance coverage, packing and unpacking services, arrival day, shipping papers, method and time of expected payment
  11. And on Moving Day

    • Be sure you have access to funds to pay the movers and cover your other expenses
    • Carry jewelry and critical documents yourself
    • Give a close friend or relative your travel plans and schedule
    • Double check closets, drawers and shelves to be sure you don't leave anything behind

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Advanced Search

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Utilities & Local Services

Utilities & Local Services

McEnearney Associates compiled a list of local utility companies and home services that will help you get started in your new home.

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