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Selling Process

Selling Process

Meet with Your McEnearney Associate

We help determine your goals and your timing, and prepare a full market analysis and make recommendations to prepare for your sale.

Seller Prepares Property

De-clutter, fix-up and make sure buyers have a great first impression.

Pre-Launch Review Meeting

Consultation to make sure everything is ready to go

Introduce Property to the Market

We have everything in place for launch, from brochures and photography to print media and online marketing, to promotion to personal and social networks

Property Marketing Cycle - Four Ongoing Steps

  • Showing of Property to Prospective Purchasers
  • McEnearney Associate Provides Timely Feedback to Seller
  • Market Position Review and Analysis; Maintain or Reposition
  • Seller Maintains Ideal Property Condition and Showing Availability

Offer Received, Reviewed, Negotiated and Ratified

We'll negotiate terms and conditions to reflect your goals and objectives

Contingencies Addressed/Transaction Management

We'll help you make sure the terms of the contract are met, repairs made, and we'll head off or handle problems.

Seller Moves

Unless otherwise agreed with the buyer, you'll move just before closing.

Closing, Recordation, Occupancy Given

The big day is here: settlement! You and the buyers will each have a lot of papers to sign, and the settlement agent will ensure the transaction is recorded in the public record. Buyers typically get the keys - and occupancy - at settlement.

Distribution of Funds

You'll usually get your proceeds 2-3 days after settlement, once recordation has occurred.

Selling Process Graph

Where do I go next?

Contact for Seller Information

Contact for Seller Information

For more information on selling a home, please contact us directly. We hope you will put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

Moving Checklist for Sellers

Moving Checklist for Sellers

There’s lots to do to prepare for your move – and organization is the key to a stress free moving experience.

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